My name is Hilary Huskey, and I am a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. My passion is using visual art to develop stories, characters, and environments as part of an integrated virtual gaming design. Being a writer by nature, I have created stories since early childhood, and over time, I have worked to develop skills in visual arts media to bring the worlds I envision to life. My parents always encouraged my passion, enrolling me in a visual and performing arts high school. While my early training was traditional, I expanded into digital illustration and 3D work while in college by using Maya and Zbrush software to design characters.

Through my work, I have the opportunity to explore issues of human nature, strengths, weaknesses, politics, and personal philosophies. These concepts were reflected in my undergraduate honors thesis project, a short interactive film titled, The Land of Nod©. After completing my thesis, I graduated with Honors from Duke University, and this experience influenced my focus on finding a better method to deliver narrative as context in video gaming while in graduate school at Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2015, I completed my Master of Fine Arts Degree in Interactive Design and Game Development.

My career has focused on character design and game development, having interned at Nickelodeon Studios in California and collaborated with other professionals in the field to create concept art for mobile application gaming. These roles reflect my lifelong desire to develop stories and characters, and shape my professional goal of helping others explore their own creativity. I currently teach undergraduate courses at the Art Institute in Durham, North Carolina. Sample courses of instruction include: Hard Surface & Organic Modeling, Character Modeling, Character & Object Design, Introduction to Game Development, and Advanced Illustration.