3D Work

Ka, The Queen’s Hands

Ka is a character that has been in the development for a couple of years.  Originally, she was a design created for a graduate school project.  The project required students to make illustrations based on cocktail drinks.  One of the three cocktail drinks I chose was called the “bee sting”.  I enjoyed the illustration project … Continue reading Ka, The Queen’s Hands

Byzinic, The Pantheon

“Byzinic” is the project that I am currently working on.  This page is dedicated to displaying some of the characters in the world of Byzinic.  Updates will be provided as new characters are finished.

The Land of Nod

The concept for The Land of Nod originated as part of my undergraduate capstone project while at Duke University. I composed a story focusing on the human condition packaged in a sci-fi/fantasy setting (see video link below). As my skills and experience with software programs have developed, I am revisiting The Land of Nod to continue … Continue reading The Land of Nod

Killian, The Antithesis

Killian is a character design for an upcoming game, The Dark Valley. I concepted, modeled, retopologized and textured Killian.  The programs utilized in creating Killian were Photoshop, Zbrush, Maya, TopGun and Headus UVLayout.

Nordic Dry Dock 2082

Nordic Dry Dock 2082 was a group project completed in 2014.  This project was to create a 3D game environment from concept to completion.  I played many roles in this project.  I managed the team, created art bible, was the concept artist, set dressed, modeled and textured. Brett Johnson: Set dressed, modeling, texturing, lighting, video documentation Yi … Continue reading Nordic Dry Dock 2082